Mentor Session – Pitch Perfect @AIC-SMUTBI with Mr Chetan Bhatia, Creator of Winning Investors & Sales Decks, Founder of #HonestCreate and Pitch Deck Workshop Facilitator at Headstart Network Foundation.

Mr Chetan graduated from University of Cincinnati, USA with MS Marketing, he has over 14 years of marketing, product development, sales and Pitch deck development. He has a wide experience working with brands in US, UK and India for agencies of various kinds (Advertising / Digital / Software) – pitching services, building products and managing campaigns.

In 2019, Mr Chetan founded Honest Create. Honest Create is a team of visual storytellers that has created investor decks for startups like Chingari, Pitstop, Mystifly Onmobile, Faircent, Hesa, Earth Rhythm, Kirana King, Doctors’ Bazaar among various other portfolio companies of Axilor, Blume, Let’s Venture, 3One4 that helped them raise over USD 40 million in the last one year.

Key takeaways from the session:

1. How to create the perfect pitch deck
2. Investors or Prospects spend 4 minutes or less on a deck
3. Narrate a story for emotional connect – Content
4. Visualise business growth or product promise – Visualisation
5. Make your brand come alive – Design
6. The importance of creating a story – Storyboarding and using a Persona to narrate a story for relatability
7. The 3 seconds Rule – If the slide doesn’t communicate the story in 3 seconds visually, it doesn’t belong in the deck
8. Focus on the Numbers
9. Must-have Slides – Title, Problem or Opportunity, Value Proposition, USP, Business Model, GTM Plan, Competition, Team, Financials and Usage of Funds
10. Planning the narrative for each slide with focus on:
a. Key Message
b. Suggested Content

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