Startup Manipur Acceleration Program (SMAP 1.0)
Friday with Founders
Session 8 – The Art of Creating a Pitchdeck

A fundraising pitch deck’s flow is essential for connecting with investors and effectively communicating the company’s story. Going through a successful pitch deck slide by slide is one of the most effective ways to learn how to build a flow.

Today’s session of Friday with Founders was ushered by Mr. Pranav Marwah, CEO at Marwah Sports, Director at Marwah Group, and investor in companies like Sporjo, Elevar Sports, Hashtag Loyalty, Falcon Labs and many more. The speaker demonstrated the importance of connecting with the investor emotionally and giving them the right amount of information to create curiosity, leaving them with room for questions by the end of pitch.

From the content of the presentation, to the do and don’ts, the discussion was insightful, productive, and we hope our startups got actionable takeaways from the session.

We at AIC-SMUTBI are very grateful for the time from our mentor and look forward to more engagements in the future!

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