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What We Offer ?

Ideation Hub – For team meetings and discussions, it has a capacity of 15 seaters.

The Ideation Hub stands as a dynamic and inspiring space within the Incubator, specifically designed to fuel the creative minds of startups. This 15-seater meeting room serves as a vibrant arena where ideas come to life and dreams transform into actionable plans.

Makerspace LabFor converting an idea into a prototype.

The Makerspace lab is a hub where innovation takes shape and ideas transform into tangible products. The lab serves as creative sanctuary, offering a plethora of DIY equipment ranging from sensors and modules to computer chips, empowering Startups to experiment, learn, and bring their visions to life.

Fabrication Lab To design and fabricate for rapid prototype.

Fab Lab, is a cutting-edge facility equipped with state-of-the-art tools and technology that empowers individuals to bring their creative ideas to life. The lab provides an innovative and collaborative environment where Startups can explore, experiment, and fabricate a wide range of projects.

TMA Pai Board RoomVideo Conferencing and Meeting cum Board Room

The TMA Pai Boardroom stands as a testament to the legacy of Dr. TMA Pai, the visionary founder of Manipal University. This distinguished boardroom, designed to accommodate 30 individuals. Equipped with CISCO Video Conferencing the boardroom is named in honour of the esteemed founder, the boardroom embodies Dr. TMA Pai’s commitment to excellence, education, and progressive thinking.

The Habitat Co-working Space

The Habitat, a dynamic 30-seater co-working space, stands as a vibrant hub for budding entrepreneurs and students to nurture their innovative ideas. More than just a shared workspace, The Habitat provides a conducive environment where startups and students can collaborate, brainstorm, and work towards transforming their visions into reality. This innovative co-working space offers not only the essential amenities such as high-speed internet, ergonomic seating but also fosters a sense of community and collaboration.

Pavillion Main event area with a capacity of 200+ people

The Pavillion stands as the heart of the incubator, a versatile event hall meticulously designed to host major events and gatherings. With its impressive seating capacity of 200, it serves as a central hub where ideas flourish, collaborations are forged, and significant milestones are celebrated.

Social CircleLounge cum Event area with a capacity of 80 people

The Social Circle is more than just a lounge-cum-library; it is a vibrant community space that embodies the essence of social interaction, intellectual engagement, and relaxation. This versatile venue seamlessly transitions between hosting events with an impressive 80-person capacity and serving as a cozy lounge area, complete with freshly brewed tea and coffee and the allure of carefully curated books.

XR Labs Highly specialized equipments and AR/ VR devices

The XR Lab, short for Extended Reality Lab, represents a cutting-edge haven for budding startups venturing into the exciting realms of AR and VR. This specialized lab is meticulously curated to nurture innovation and creativity, providing entrepreneurs in the AR-VR space with the essential tools they need to bring their visions to life.

AI IOT Labs Highly specialized equipments like Quadcopters and Robotics Arms.

The Artificial Intelligence, Internet-of-Things and Robotics research lab focuses on the integration of intelligence in robots and Internet of Things to promote new types of applications that leverage the use of these technologies by our Incubatees. At our A-I-R lab, our Incubatees get the real exposure of different electro-mechanical components required to build a working model of a machine or a prototype.

Business Centers 150 sq. ft. office space for every startup who desire to set up their office inside the incubator

The Business Centers offer tailor-made solutions for startups in the form of compact, efficient office spaces spanning 150 square feet each. Designed to cater specifically to the needs of budding entrepreneurs, these spaces provide an ideal Launchpad for new ventures.