The Principles of design are a set of guidelines that designers use to create visually appealing and effective designs. These principles can be applied to all types of design, including Communication design, Product design, Web design, Animation and more.

On today’s Masterclass Session on “Design Thinking for Designing XR Products” Prof.(Dr.) D. Udaya Kumar shared the 10 principles of good design.

During the session, Prof. (Dr.) D. Udaya Kumar, discussed the importance of Innovative design that are intelligible and memorable. Aesthetic components are as significant as the Simplicity and Functionality of the design as users need to Understand and Trust the product through the design. Furthermore, Unobtrusive and Minimal design also moulds great detail and improves user likeability while also promoting brand recall and product feasibility. Finally, being a Long Lasting and Environmental Friendly Design creates sustainable XR products used to provide a Long Lasting feature and product.

The man who designed the Rupee symbol ‘₹’ also shared his story with our startups on how he conceptualized the design and took an interactive session with them. While working on user feedback for validating products is crucial, he suggested that most design precises also require good judgement and analytical ability create feasible and viable products.

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