Fridays with Founders – SAPNE 1.0
Founder’s Speak

For the last Friday’s with Founders session we had invited four prominent Startup Founders to share their Startup journey with the Cohort.

Sagar Menon
Co-founder and CEO of Mauka Education

Mauka is an EdTech company focusing on imparting employability skills for college students and young professionals. Sagar is also the co-founder and Citta, a social venture focusing on making mental health more accessible to Indian students.
Both his organizations focus on empowering India’s young citizens with better opportunities and mental health.
He was adjudged as one of India’s brightest engineering minds by The Economic Times. For his work with Citta, he was awarded the Resolution Fellowship and the Diana Award, in the name of the Princess of Wales, the most prestigious award a young person can get for their social and humanitarian work.

Krish Matreja & Advait Makhija

Krish is the co-founder of Eatabl, a seed-funded food tech startup backed by Reliance Jio. Krish has a background in engineering and started the company while he was still in his final year of college.
Along with his co-founder, Advait Makhija, who has a expertise in business and marketing, the two 23-year-old entrepreneurs are building Shopify for restaurants to empower local businesses to take back control of their digital presence and equip them with the tools necessary to thrive in the 21st century. The company was founded in 2019 and raised its first round of investment from SPTBI

Konark Sharma
Founder at FreeStand Sampling Solutions

Konark started his journey as a student entrepreneur as an undergraduate student pursuing computer science, and have pursued building technology ventures since. He is actively involved in FMCG Marketing @freestand and is also a part of several other startups. His core experiences lie in Business Development & Sales, Team Building and Product Management

Sneh Soni
Founder at FreeStand

Sneh is the founder of FreeStand with a background in statistics and social entrepreneurship. She is an LSR alumna and a passionate marketer, innovating in the FMCG space. With FreeStand, they are digitizing product trial campaigns for FMCG brands
FreeStand enables FMCG brands to deliver physical product samples to digitally targeted customers in a way that is data-driven and scalable.
Free Stand Sampling Solutions has recently raised $150,000 in the Seed stage from SucSEED Indovation

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