Friday’s with Founders – Session 4 | Bootstrapping – A Forgotten way of doing Business

It was an immense pleasure to have Mr. Hari T. N. as the guest speaker for the 4th Session of Friday’s with Founders.

Mr Hari T.N is an Author, Angel Investor, Advisor to VCs, Mentor at Start-up Accelerators, Sounding board Member to Founders and Startups, Columnist, etc. He has co-authored six books with three more in the pipeline.

He has been a part of the Management Team at multiple start-ups/scale-ups and has helped shape four successful exits in different industries including an IPO on NASDAQ. He is extremely passionate about solving problems and building organizations for scale through clear & uncluttered thinking, and relentless execution. He is currently the HR Head at Bigbasket and He is actively involved in India’s start-up ecosystem in multiple ways.

Some of the takeaways from the session:
• Developing the habit of frugality while bootstrapping
• Starting with WHY?
• The importance of integrity in a business and customer-centricity
• Social and Community Responsibility
• Creating the right kind of culture
• Working towards creating great consumer experiences by integrating effective processes, technology and interventions

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