Decoding Term Sheets

Decoding Term Sheets

The Masterclass Session on “Decoding Term Sheets” was conducted as part of the XR Startup Program, AIC-SMUTBI on 06th of December 2023, featuring Ms. Rohini Nair (Co-Founder of ANB Legal) as the distinguished speaker. The session aimed to provide valuable insights into understanding and navigating term sheets, a critical aspect for Startups in the XR (Extended Reality) space.

The virtual session on “Decoding Term Sheets” with Ms. Rohini Nair proved to be a valuable resource for the startups within the program. Attendees left with a clearer understanding of the intricacies of term sheets, empowering them to navigate negotiations with confidence. Ms. Nair’s expertise and industry-specific insights added a unique dimension to the session, making it a highly beneficial experience for all participants

Key Takeaways:

1. Comprehensive Overview of Term Sheets: Ms. Rohini Nair broke down complex concepts into easily understandable components.

2. Key Components of Term Sheets: Attendees gained a deeper understanding of clauses related to valuation, liquidation preferences, and governance structures.

3. Negotiation Strategies: Practical insights on negotiation strategies, emphasizing the importance of clear communication and the ability to identify negotiable terms.

4. XR Industry Consideration: Ms. Nair addressed industry-specific considerations, such as intellectual property rights related to virtual and augmented reality technologies. This personalized touch added immense value to the session for participants in the XR Start-up Program.

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