SAPNE @AIC-SMUTBI Week 11 – Sales Strategy with Mr. Deepaq V Vartak – Ex Associate Vice President HDFC || Author of How To Sell Everyday- In 3 Easy Steps (

With over 25 years of experience in imparting Training and Skills Development Deepaq has created several leaders in the industry. He had a successful career in industry-leading large sales teams in the capacity of Associate Vice President, HDFC Life.Over the years, Deepaq has helped more than 25000 Sales Professionals and students to understand their goals and empowered them with the necessary tools to achieve them, the result of which they have reached their pinnacle. A High-Energy, Result Oriented Senior Management Professional with a proven track record in business turn-around.

Here are some key takeaways from the session:

1. Getting the prototype completed ASAP
2. Knowing what the competition is doing – Market Research.
3. Being realistic on pricing your product.
4. Knowing the end product well in advance.
5. Sales strategy – first 10 sales should be done by the founders themselves, it is pivotal to listen to the market, prospects, clients and coaches, it is important to be flexible, and it is very crucial to select a niche.
6. Similarly, the major sales challenges were unable to attract good sales talent, the product being new and customers not being able to understand it, sales cycle being too lengthy, disconnect between marketing and sales, and unreasonable sales processes.

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