Startup Manipur Acceleration Program (SMAP 1.0)
Friday with Founders
Session 9 – Startup Valuation and Due Diligence

The valuation of the startup is based on various factors including startup team, stakeholders, serviceable market, growth drivers, and growth potential. Along with various benchmarks, there are several startup valuation methods and approaches in the current startup ecosystem.

Impact Investor, Mr. Amit Choudhary led the session today to discuss the various terminology while valuing a company like pre-money, post-money, dilution, stake, conversion factor, etc. With an experience of over 10+ years in the industry, a professional CA and currently heading the finance and investment at Upaya Social Ventures, the speaker led the engaging mentor session on 03rd February, 2023. In addition to the valuation, various types of due diligence and the process was discussed.

The session is beneficial to startups to understand the company valuation while raising funds.

We at AIC – SMU Technology Business Incubator are very grateful for the time from our mentor and look forward to more engagements in the future! Amit Choudhary

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