SAPNE @ AIC-SMUTBI Week 10 on Brand Growth

Brand Growth by Mr. Jayadevan P K (JPK), Evangelist, Freshworks. Mr Jayadevan has experience in the media for over 10 years and has his own media house – FactorDaily. He has transitioned from being a journalist to a founder and finally to an Operator. He is a man of many hats, with a commendable experience of witnessing the startup ecosystem from multiple lenses.

He is the author of “Xiaomi”: How a Startup disrupted the market and created a cult following, published by HarperCollins India (HarperCollins Publishers). This book follows the journey of #xiaomi from its origins in Beijing to its arrival on the shores of India. It is the Story of One of the Most Valuable Start-ups in the World.

For today’s session on #BrandGrowth, Mr Jayadevan demonstrated about Personal Branding, the importance of “Know, Like & Trust” for branding, Defining positioning of your brand, Defining how you want your brand to be perceived, Building a good story, Choosing the right platform, Engaging with your audience, and Sharing insights that you as a brand uncover along your journey.

The session was followed by a few case studies on Branding and a good interaction between the startups and the speaker.

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