Weekly Mentor Clinic Session — “Legal Issues faced by Startups” with Ms Veena (Siya) Ajay Lala , Company Secretary, LLB, MBA (Finance), #AneevAdvisory Legal Consultants.

Ms Veena Siya A Lala is the founder of Aneev Advisory, she has 15 years of corporate experience in Legal, Complaince and Secretarial across variety of sectors including Financial Services, Investment Banking and Telecom Sector.

Ms Veena demonstrated the three important factors that a Startup encounters viz. Business structure, Non-Disclosure Agreements and Founder’s Agreement/Co-founder’s Agreement and Startup India Recognitions.

In Business Structure she addressed the effective legal structure, future of the organisation, registration processes etc. In addition to that she mentioned about the compliance requirement, fund raising and foreign investments. Furthermore, she elaborately explained the different agreements such as the pre shareholders agreement, founder’s agreement and NDA followed by the importance of registering under #StartupIndia Scheme.

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