Fridays with Founders – Week 13 | Accounting and Cash Flow Management with Mr. Shounak Devasthale.

Mr Shaunak Devasthale is the Managing Partner at S.B.Gokhale & Co. with an illustrious experience in internal audits, statutory audits, bank audits, trust audits, taxation loan restructuring, due diligence, corporate, and investment advisory. He has worked with LIC, Asian Paints, Sula Wines, SVC Cooperative Bank, SBI, Wockhardt, and others.

Topics discussed in the session:
1. Interpretation of Financial Statements
2. Concept of Divergence – what founders need to know
3. Methods of Accounting
4. GST Registration, Professional Tax, PF Act and TDS
5. Cash flow Management – Early Stage Pitfalls
6. How to do a Financial Health Checkup
7. Parameters of Health – Calculating Burn Rate and The Runaway
8. Growth Rate, Breakeven, Default Alive ans ROI
9. Things that Founders ignore
10. Cash flow Management from Investors Perspectives

Furthermore the session was concluded by Mr. Amit Suman who elaborately explained #ZohoPlatform and #ZohoBooks. Zoho Books is online accounting software that manages your finances, automates business workflows, and helps you work collectively across departments.

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