SAPNE 1.0 Week 9 – Branding an d Identity Design with Ms Rajni Gadhvi, Creative Director, Art Director, Ecole Intuit Lab.

Ms Rajni spearheaded Facebook online summit of start-ups called Fuel for India, 2020. She has worked with some of the world’s most iconic companies across entertainment, digital media, new economy, technology, and beyond. With diverse experience with several start-ups based in Mumbai, New Delhi & California her expertise spans from branding adventure park to launching TV channels in the United States, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India.

The session started with two important questions: What is branding? And why is branding important for Startups?
Further, Ms Rajni elaborated about Brand Promise and ways to create one that sticks. She emphasised on educating the employees about brand’s promise and inculcating in the culture of the organisation. Lastly, she threw light on setting brand voice, deciding on the company name, writing the mission statement, selecting typography and curating a mood board.

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