Zengages Learn & Grow

  1. Name of the Company   :   ZenGages Learn and Grow Pvt Ltd
  2. Name of the Founder/CEO:Ravi Shankar Kumar
  3. Team Members :  4 members 
  4. Product :  Training & Consulting ( B2B2C) 
  5. Domain :  Education Management ( EdTech) 
  6. Website :  www.zengages.in

Story behind Zengages:When (Ravi) was working for one of the Fin tech, i was suppose to hire 30 people team and TAT was 1 month but because of skill issue it took 3 month just to hire 30 people team. After doing research we found that amidst the tens of thousands of management graduates churned out by the 5,500 B-schools in the country, only 7 per cent turn out to be employable, says a study conducted by *ASSOCHAM( 2016 Report). Companies do not hire/pay less because students do not have any practical experience. Companies has to train them which cost money. Lack of skill-based education in most of the tier 2/3 cities of India resulting lower percentage in placement. Vision and Mission and Core Values:Our vision is to create and deliver Skills & Knowledge keeping health in mind. Growth & Profitability (Individual) by providing the tools and training necessary for job excellence and career advancement Our values are Quality, Creativity and Effectiveness  Your future Plan:Year 2021, ZenGages wants to tie up with minimum 10 colleges and train 1000 Management students for tomorows work force  

About Founder:

Ravi Shankar Kumar ( Founder -CEO) 11+ yrs of expereince working with Standard charterted bank, than Startup as Operation head, , Moved to abraod Oman worked as Business transformation consultant for Bank dhofar worked more than 55+ projects .  As a leader and self-sufficient innovator, Ravi is comfortable in any role from the executive boardroom to the floor. He is a savvy negotiator known for strong business development and relationship building skills. Ravi’s innate ability to build high-performance teams, including his strategically-selected executive management staff, has served as a growth catalyst and infused productive energy into the workplace.