1. Name of the Company: Yonika Infotainment Private Limited
  2. Name of the Founder/CEO: Mr Yougan Tamang, Mr Nirmal Mangar, Ms Kabita Sharma
  3. Team Members: 14
  4. Product: Mobile Journalism
  5. Domain: Internet Services, Entertainment

About Company:
Yonika Infortainment Private Limited is a digital media company registered in Nagaland with its operational office at Gangtok, Sikkim. It is the company which mainly deals with news publishing on digital media platforms and also in printing, publishing, production, events, advertisement, promotions, artist management etc. Presently, the company is mainly confined to digital new platform called ‘Sikkim Chronicle’ and has been catering the citizens of Sikkim and around with credible news and information.

Sikkim Chronicle is an online news portal/digital news platform founded by three journalists of Sikkim, Nirmal Mangar, Yougan Tamang and Kabita Sharma in the year 2017. Sikkim Chronicle operates through its website www.thesikkimchronicle.com, and social media handles viz, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Presently, Sikkim Chronicle has 166K followers on Facebook and has almost 2.1 million post reach per month, 1.9 million post engagements per month. On Instagram it has around 25 K followers and on YouTube is 46K Subscribers.

Nirmal Mangar and Kabita Sharma are the senior most journalists of Sikkim. Nirmal Mangar is a Sikkim State Awardee, he was conferred with Sikkim Sewa Samman for his contribution in the field of journalism in the year 2007. He has also been awarded with Ram Patro Memorial Award 2007 for the most promising journalist, Lagansheel Patrakarita Purushkar 2018. He reports on human development, bilateral trade between India and China through Nathula Border, Politics and Crime. He has worked with Sikkim Express, The Telegraph, Doordarshan, All India Radio and Nayuma Television.

Kabita Sharma has worked with Himali Bela, Sikkim Express, Doordarshan, All India Radio, and Nayuma Television. Presently, she is a senior managing editor of Sikkim Chronicle. She is the first recipient of Lagansheel Patrakarita Purushkar 2007 constituted by Press Club of Sikkim. She has also been felicitated by Women Commission of Sikkim for her contribution towards Journalism in Sikkim.

Yougan Tamang is an editor of Sikkim Chronicle. He is the former correspondent of TNT- The Northeast Today and also the contributor of Sikkim’s daily Summit Times.

Presently, Sikkim Chronicle is a team of 14 members including the editorial and non-editorial. Sikkim Chronicle also has almost 7 regular contributors and few stringers and freelancers. Yonika Infotainment Private Limited is also looking forward to launch its entertainment and lifestyle news portal soon which shall be Sikkim’s and North Bengal’s first entertainment news portal.