1. Name of the Company: Untapped Technologies Private Limited
  2. Name of the Founder/CEO: Mr.Sumit Thakur
  3. Team Members: 2
  4. Product: Vehicle Telematics, Connected Cars Platform
  5. Domain: Connected Cars, IoT and Smart City
  6. Website: www.untapd.co.in

About Company:
Untap’d is building a Platform for Connected Cars. The problem I faced was quite personal. We are based out of Sikkim. One day, while my parents were travelling to Siliguri (West Bengal), their vehicle broke down in a no network zone. We tried for hours to contact them and we were worried. Turns out there was some fault in the engine. Being a technical guy with a keen interest in vehicles, I set out to solve that problem. We built a diagnostics device and it worked great for 18 months, but we still had to solve the problem of no network. So we built a platform where the vehicles could communicate with each other.
It is a matter of fact that the automotive world is moving towards Connected Cars and we are keen to play a huge role in it. And our platform would be capable to lead the revolution. What we now do is enable a car to communicate and transmit messages to far distances (up to 10 KM) without internet or mobile network. We have been in market with the Diagnostics Device and are at the alpha testing stage with the V2V Communication Device. We intend to change the way we look at mobility.

Following this, Untap’d was recognised as one of the top 28 start-ups during the Global Mobility Summit (MOVE Summit) in September 2018