The CreatOrg

1. Name of the Company : CreatOrg

2. Founders: Shree Raj Chettri, Pushpanjali Basnet , Meharraj Rai, Shreya Chettri, Vikrant Basnet

3. Team Members: Shree Raj Chettri, Pushpanjali Basnet , Meharraj Rai, Shreya Chettri, Vikrant Basnet

4. Product: A Platform for Creators of the Hills

5. Domain: Social Network and Social Impact

About CreatOrg:

The CreatOrg started as a website called TheFewCreators where we posted works of local artists, poets, writers, photographers  and musicians , mostly students from Kalimpong, Darjeeling and Sikkim to give them a online portfolio and exposure.

It was just a kind of a side hobby and was not thought of to turn into a company or startup. However having  met so many talented people and seeing how their talents were getting wasted due to lack of exposure and proper distribution medium. Thus the idea to make that platform and ecosystem took birth. One of our first projects was to collect the works of the poets and photographs and publish a book containing all their works and distribute it to cafes.

It was also after this that we came to know about incubators and after searching through the whole of India found one just at our doorstep, The AIC SMUTBI. We are glad to have been accepted as their part and are working on making the platform right now .


The Vision of CreatOrg is to make a platform for empowering the local creators and give them proper exposure. We are aiming to build a social network of creators where they can engage, sell, buy, get funding as well as get crowdfunding for their projects.

We plan to publish novels and books of the writers as well as publish magazines containing poems and photographs quarterly. We are also trying to figure out a way to rent instruments to musicians.

Our aim is to build this ecosystem where these creators can collaborate with each other, learn and grow as well as get the proper exposure they deserve. We want to become a company whose goal is the fullfilment its vision and money its by-product.

Future Plans:

We want the network to grow nationwide as well as worldwide. Our future plans include collaborating with local studios for helping musicians produce music, organizing events and exhibitions as well as poetry meets,  establish our own publishing house and later on open cafes at different locations to act as a hub.

About Founders:

First of all the founders are students studying in high schools and colleges. We are cousins with a taste for creativity. We may not be experienced but we have a passion and the energy to work and turn our vision into reality. We have dipped our hands into fields such as poetry, writing, coding, music, art, graphics design and are ready to learn more.

We are here to do something for our roots, the hills and help our fellow friends. Our driving force is to learn how to build a sustainable company while helping a cause and a motive we believe in.