The Chakras Farm

  1. Name of the Company: The Chakras Farm
  2. Name of the Founder/CEO: Mr. Pranay Kumar
  3. Team Members: 2
  4. Product: Aquaponic/Hydroponic Farming
  5. Domain: Organic, Farming, IoT
  6. Website:

About Company:
The Chakras Farm is an agriculture and vertical gardening start-up founded by Mr. Pranay Kumar. The farm produces six varieties of green vegetables and four varieties of fishes without using artificial fertilizers and pesticides. The produce of The Chakras Farm is not just 100% organic but uses 90% less water compared to conventional farming and is available 365 days a year. The Chakras Farm also provides vertical gardening facilities to improve the air quality of the cities.

The human population is increasing faster than ever and arable land is decreasing rapidly. This trend will certainly lead our planet towards a famine alike crisis until we bring about a sustainable change in our farming techniques. The Chakras Farm houses a solid Research and Development team dedicated to building sustainable farming techniques to create better health for both the people and the planet.

The Chakras Farm uses aquaponics as a technique to grow fish and vegetables at the same time. We feed the fish and the fish feed our plants through their waste output. We don’t use fertilizers because the fish provide rich nutrients for the plants. There isn’t a possibility of using pesticides as it would harm the fishes. The water requirement for aquaponics is 1/10th of traditional farming, hence the technique is highly sustainable.

As most of the population is flocking towards cities, the culture of living in apartments is booming. This leaves us with no garden space in our homes. Our solution to this problem is the development of vertical gardens that includes rooftop farms, balcony herb garden, jungle field walls, and moss walls. These are not only spectacularly beautiful but also help to reduce carbon dioxide and increase oxygen levels in the air resulting in better air quality. Vertical Gardens are the future in reducing Global Warming and Urban Heat Island Effect.

The Chakras Farm is determined to develop and use sustainable techniques for farming as well as gardening by using a minimal amount of resources to deliver maximum output. We are equipping the planet to face the challenges of the future by providing sustainable solutions today.