Taste in Lawaray

1. COMPANY NAME : Taste in Lawaray Pvt. Ltd.

2. NAME OF THE FOUNDER & CEO : Anil Tamang

3. BRAND NAME : Taste In Lawaray Pvt. Ltd.

4. SLOGAN : Dammi !

5. DOMAIN : Frozen Meat Products

About : We are a meat products making enthusiast, we use the old traditional method of preparing meat products with secret ingredients,  classic taste  and flavour with every bite our special bite.

Accomplishments :  NA

About Founder : Since 2018 I have been working in the meat industry doing lots of research and marketing learning with own mistakes, 13th August 2022 I did the company registration named “Taste in Lawaray Pvt. Ltd”. Now I am running my business with 2 employee along with myself total 3 person. I am moving forward to expand my business endeavor with full of passion & enthusiast.