Syangbo’s Living Food and Beverages Pvt ltd

1. COMPANY NAME : Syangbo’s Living Food and Beverages Pvt ltd

2. NAME OF THE FOUNDER & CEO : Ashish Syangbo Tamang

3. BRAND NAME : Syang’s

4. DOMAIN : agri allied (

About : At Syangbo’s, we pride ourselves on producing raw, authentic, and unpasteurized kombucha, alongside our exquisite sparkling Darjeeling tea. Our commitment to using hand-plucked organic Darjeeling tea, Himalayan spring water, and organic cane sugar sets us apart, ensuring that our beverages remain preservative-free and entirely natural.

Kombucha, a fermented tea beverage, is celebrated for its probiotic properties, aiding in digestion and promoting gut health. It offers a tangy, effervescent taste that appeals to health-conscious consumers seeking a refreshing alternative to traditional sugary drinks. On the other hand, our sparkling Darjeeling tea provides a delightful twist to the renowned Darjeeling tea, known for its distinct flavor and high-quality production standards.

In terms of market potential, the global kombucha market has been experiencing a steady upward trend due to the growing demand for healthier beverage alternatives. Similarly, the specialty tea market, including Darjeeling tea, has been expanding rapidly, driven by an increasing preference for premium and exotic tea varieties among consumers worldwide.

About Founder:

Ashish Syangbo Tamang is an individual driven by a passion for health and innovation. With a background in Construction Engineering from Jadavpur University and prior experience as a government engineer and a former defense officer, he brings a blend of technical expertise and leadership skills to my endeavors.

Apart from his professional achievements, he is deeply enthusiastic about promoting a healthy lifestyle and fostering a love for natural, preservative-free beverages. As the CEO and founder of a Kombucha brand, he strives to merge his entrepreneurial spirit with the commitment to health consciousness, aiming to introduce a fresh perspective to the beverage industry. His journey reflects the dedication to creating a positive impact through sustainable and innovative business practices.