SS Bamboowala

1. COMPANY NAME : SS Bamboowala Private Limited

2. NAME OF THE FOUNDER & CEO : Swattik Chakraborty

3. BRAND NAME : Bamboowala

4. SLOGAN : Where Green Gold, Meets Your Lifestyle.


About : Bamboowala is making sustainable bamboo products accessible & affordable for Indian consumers, businesses & corporates; while empowering Indian Bamboo Artisans.

Accomplishments: In Latest to Oldest Order:

  1. One of the Top70 Emerging Startup of the Year 2023 (by Headstart Network Foundation), also First time from the state of Tripura
  2. 1st Prize Winner of Entrepreneurs’ Pitchathon @ MEGHA Startup Expo 2023 (by BioNest & PRIME Meghalaya)
  3. Selected at Amazon Launchpad
  4. First Brand to get Featured by Amazon from the State of Tripura

About Founder:

As a lifelong learner with a vision for ‘Making Positive Impacts through Brand Building,’ I founded ‘Bamboowala,’ a DPIIT-recognized startup from Tripura. Our mission is to transform lifestyles through the green treasure of India – BAMBOO, providing affordable and accessible eco-friendly products while empowering skilled bamboo artisans.