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2. Name of the Founder/CEO : Dr. Rustam Ali Ahmed          

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a) Live Proctoring based Online Exam System                             b) Android App for University/ College/ or any Institute Student Information System          

6. Domain : Tech         

7. Website :  https://rworldcs.comAbout RWorld: 

During my college life, 1993-1998 (HS and B.Sc. with Mathematics as major subject), touching or looking computer was like “eid ka chand” for me. I was very excited to use or see computers and wanted to know how computer works. Only I played with my calculator with different available functions and discovered some ideas to add advance functions into that calculator, but I did not have any options for practical. I visited different locations where computers were available, and I was supposed to see the monitors from a far distance. I had always dreamed to do something in computers (I did know about programming). I took admission in Cotton College, Guwahati, 1998, where I experienced my first-time live programming (Fortran). In that time only my teacher was doing program and we were supposed to see from behind only, I was not happy with that system. Then I quit from Cotton College and took admission in Gauhati University, Guwahati in 1999, where I found myself happy to use and doing programs. On seeing my interest our HoD gave me one lab key to keep with me and to use the lab computers whenever I needed. I was always good to carry highest marks in programming subjects from that time to end of my all course study life.

I implemented so many programs which were not related to my course and only used to solve my personal feelings, I could not get any opportunity to explore my experiences. In 2005, I have joined in Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology as a lecturer, and where also I could have any option to explore my dream.

In 2019, after my receiving my Ph.D. degree my Director Dr. Ashis Sharma congratulated me for the award and asked me whether I can develop an Android App for SMIT Student Information System. I did many programs, but I didn’t have any idea of Android App development. I directly replied sir that “I can”, because I knew that it is only a programming concept. Then within two months I could published the first version of SMIT App (SMIT Campus) in Google Play Store. That was the beginning of my dream journey.

Because of Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) SMIT Offline Admission Test Exam 2020 was cancelled and I was asked to develop one online exam software to take exams from remote locations for all the applicants of 2020 SMIT Admission. I implemented the same (it took 45 days) and used to take exams from all the applicants.

In April 2020, I was asked to implement the online exam software with additional functionalities like any other professional software for conducting Sikkim Manipal University and Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology Final Semester Examinations. It was implemented within 2 months with the fulfilment of all required functionalities and conducted all the exams with 100% success without any difficulties.

In June 2020, I planned to register a software company with Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), Govt. of India. On 8th July 2020, the Company RWORLD COMPUTER SOLUTIONS (OPC) PRIVATE LIMITED with CIN – U72900AS2020OPC020178 was incorporated successfully with Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA).Vision:To Transform Universities, Colleges and Schools into Digital Institute.   Mission: Our mission is to serve and deliver innovative quality solutions to our clients with the automated process of Admission, Fee Collection, Examinations and Results.  Core Values: Honesty, trust, humility, and quality.  Future Plan:Our initial focus on the local Universities and Colleges with our launch product of Online Examination Software and Institute Student Information App. It is just the first step in our long-term roadmap to growth. In order to capture a larger market share and continue scaling the company exponentially, we are planning to develop additional software for online admission system, fee collection, exam result etc.   About Founder: Dr. Rustam Ali Ahmed (M.Tech, Ph.D in CSE), founder of RWORLD COMPUTER SOLUTIONS (OPC) PRIVATE LIMITED is an Assistant Professor in the department of Information Technology since Oct, 2005. Interested Subjects includes Object Oriented Programming, Data Structure, DBMS, PHP, Web Technologies.