Ripra Cothing

1. Name of company : Ripra Clothing Private Limited                

2. Name of founders : Prajal Regmi (CEO),Manoj Sharma (COO) and Anmol Rai                 

3. Team : 4               

4. Product : Clothing & Fashion               

5. Website :

About Ripra:  

Ripraclothing is a sikkim based startup manufacturing clothing and delivering in different places of india through the product of Ripra.  Ripra clothing’s major goal is to start as a intermediate fashion firm and expand to be a regional brand during year three. In order to accomplish this, sales must significantly increase between year two and three. The management team hopes to start distributing throughout the rest of FCT, as well as surrounding states such as Nagaland, Arunachal and others indian State through E-commerce and online retailer. Another venture goal of  Ripra clothingis to be profitable by two year’s. With current sales forecasts, Ripra clothingwill be making money by the end of year two, and to further develop a successful Internet site, while maintaining strong relationships with retailers.   Mission & vision : Ripra clothing intends  to develop an inventory of unique fashion products that can add value to every potential clients wardrobe. These products, which will be sourced and manufactured in india and other raw materials  dealers abroad, are added as staple, fashionable exclusive pieces to enhance the image experience to people that hold fashion, quality and high-end design of utmost importance.  Ripra clothing will be a leader in the couture wholesale and retail sector by offering customers unique and stylish men and womens apparel and accessories at affordable prices with top‐notch customer service and benefits  The vision of the company is to provide Ripra clothingfor consumers, based on style and quality and to be the most sought-after provider of personalized quality clothing in the Norteastern part of Region of india and beyond  Future Plans :  Ripra clothing not only develops the clothing line but supports it with advertising and promotion campaigns. The company plans to strengthen its partnership with retailers by developing brand awareness. The marketing strategy for any product or service is aimed at defining how the market penetration process will be carried out, formulating the marketing mix to establish the most appropriate mixture of product or service characteristics and ways in which these will be supplied and presented in order to maximise the potential value and interest to the target groups of customers that were identified in the market research process; and develop a sales plan to define the range of sales activities