Opzen Private Limited

1. COMPANY NAME : Opzen Pvt. Ltd

2. NAME OF THE FOUNDER & CEO : Himanshu Daga


4. SLOGAN : Augmenting Realities

5. DOMAIN : AR/VR/Ecommerce


Jar4u, founded by Himanshu Daga and Adv. Anurag Daga, is a groundbreaking 3D AI
startup that transforms the online shopping experience for high-value products such as
jewelry, handicrafts, and furniture. With its flagship 3D Showcase and AI Magic Mirror, Jar4u
offers customers an interactive way to visualize and virtually try on products from the
comfort of their homes. This innovative approach significantly boosts conversion rates and
enhances brand recall by tenfold.

Purchasing expensive products is often a dream come true for many. However, online
shopping typically offers a uniform experience, whether buying jewelry or jam, leading to
low trust, low conversions, and high returns. Jar4u addresses this challenge by fostering a
deeper connection between customers and brands, allowing customers to not just view but
interact with products online.

Recognized as one of the top 20 startups of 2023 by AWS Campus Fund, a participant in
Antler India’s Residency (the world’s largest early-stage VC), and winners of LNMIIT LCE’s
Disrupt 3.0, Jar4u is rapidly gaining traction in the AI and e-commerce space.


At JAR4U, our team embodies a fusion of diverse talents united by a common purpose – to revolutionize retail experiences through technology-driven innovation.

Himanshu Daga (CEO & CTO):
With 5+ years of AI product development expertise spanning industries from logistics to medical charts, I was the inaugural hire of an R&D team that propelled a company’s value from $50 million to $250 million. My recent achievement includes developing an MVP for JAR4U within 6 months.

Anurag Daga (CFO):
Our CFO contributes 7+ years of legal and finance experience, with a background in Bombay High Court and top-tier law firms, ensuring our financial and legal footing is solid.

Sh. Abhaya Srisrimal Ji (Mentor):
Guiding us is a multibillionaire mentor with an unmatched network and experience in building thriving businesses, infusing our journey with strategic insights.

Development Team:
Comprising 5 dedicated AI, web, and XR developers, our technical team ensures our innovations translate seamlessly into immersive experiences.