1. Name of the Company: Oeferek
  2. Name of the Founder/CEO: Mr. Dhankumari Subba
  3. Team Members: 2
  4. Product: Web Portal, SaaS
  5. Domain: Consumer Tech, Rent Aggregator.

About Company:
Oeferek is a rent aggregator platform which brings you rent services in Sikkim, and is first of its kind in the entire state. Started by Dhankumari Subba, a student of MCA from Sikkim Manipal University. The company was formed in the vision to reduce the hassle faced my students and other working professionals in getting suitable housing solutions in and around Sikkim.
The platform will act as a mediator between the owner and the renter. This platform comes as a revolutionary idea in Sikkim due to the tough geographic terrain and no proper documented housing solutions in the region.
The organization keeps the rental transaction completely transparent to both the owner and the renters. The feedback provided by the renters are visible to all other customers along with the images of the house (all rooms included) and also the contact number of the owner.

Oeferek is proud to help the people with one of the basic necessities of life and also considering this as its vision for the betterment of the society.