Hidden Lamp

1. Company name: HIDDEN LAMP PVT LTD 


3. Team member: 6 

4. Domain: Education, Technology, STEAM Labs 

5. Website: www.hiddenlamp.in 

About Company: 

Hidden Lamp Pvt Ltd is EduTech Startup which believes in: 

The basic philosophy is a simple one: every child is a creative scientist. 

The world immerses young children in a spectrum of playful activities and media, all intelligently designed by science and education experts. Whether watching the TV shows, engaging in family events and school workshops, or reading high-quality publications and products, learning while playing is the best form of learning. 

Everything in the world should be designed by science and education experts to encourage collaboration, curiosity, exploration, discovery, creativity, and critical thinking. 

This is where we call in the experts at Hidden Lamp, who have designed a method to help the children discover their potential by tapping their creativity. 

Hence, we have come up with the concept of innovation labs/STEAM labs which will give them access to the latest emerging technologies like 3D printing, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, etc. The student will learn about these technologies through hands on experience, under the meticulous yet unconfined supervision of elite and passionate trainers.