Heal Bridge

  1. Name of the company : Healbridge.
  2. Name of the founders : Founder- Sumesh Chettri

                                     Co-founder- Karan Singh

  1. Team members : Sumesh Chettri, Karan Singh and Bhagwati subba.
  2. Product/service : Service providers.
  3. Domain : Service Agreegator

About Healbridge:

One day I was going to my university and I saw a long queue in the Hospital, where people make their hospital card and  in Northeast especially in Sikkim health sector is not that good people are wasting their time ,energy and money just for making their card and there is the same problem with the doctors clinic also people just sit outside the clinic and wait for their turn, then we thought what about making that online so that they can utilise that time on themselves. And gradually we were working on that and we faced many problems but we are stick to our plans. 

Your Vision and Mission and Core Values:

Our vision is to make Health sector more effective and Especially in NE. Where these kind of facilities is not there. Many Health start-ups are only focusing on urban places where they don’t have to teach about this but what about rural places where these kind of facilities is really needed so our vision and mission is to focus not only in urban areas but also in rural areas.

Company’s future Plan:

Right now we have online doctor’s appointment , blood collection and medicine delivery service and after Sikkim we want to scale our company to west bengal like kalimpong, Darjeeling etc. and to all NE states then only we will scale to other states. 

And our future plan is to add all small things which not all companies are doing like vet service at home, online rehabilitation centre appointments and our main plan is to start all services in one roof. Like Heal Bridge will come under one company’s product and then we will add all services to that one company. (like health service, essential commodity delivery services and others)

About Founders:

Sumesh chettri founder of HealBridge: I have about 1 year of experience and Till my graduation i didn’t have any interest on doing job like I really don’t like doing job under boss direction so I started this and I’m good at making plans but my execution is not that good and Our incubators is helping on that. I’m perfectly fit for the company because i have faced many problems when my brother was sick and I’ve learned many things about how to work on health start-up  how we can provide good services on time and I got solution by facing many problems so i think I’m fit for this and I’m fit for making others life happy and healthy.

Karan singh Co-founder of Healbridge: I have 9 years experience in sales as my father runs a shop, I m good at planning and as well as executing the plan. I m good at marketing also as I have 9 years of experience in sales. I m fit for this company because I can make quick decisions I can work in stressed situations .