Gladiolus Language Nectar

  1. Name of the Company: Gladiolus Language Nectar
  2. Name of the Founder/CEO: Dr. Archit Yajnik
  3. Team Members: 3
  4. Product: App and Web based
  5. Domain: EdTech, SaaS, Neural Network
  6. Website:
  7. Email ID:

About Company:

Dr. Archit Yajnik, works as a Professor in the department of Mathematics, Sikkim Manipal University since last 8 years. Born and brought up in Vadodara. Earned Doctorate degree from the M S University of Baroda. He has been working on the field of Natural Language Processing since last 10 years. While working with the R & D project based on Natural Language parser for Nepali language funded by Department of Science and Technology, the idea of developing android based game came up in his mind. To cultivate an interest towards Indian languages among the young Indian society is the aim of the venture. “Know Your Language” is the theme for which all the products of the company will be based on. The details are available on

With the help of students, he started on developing the first product “Dazzle Word” which is based on Part of speech for currently 3 languages viz. Gujarati, Hindi and Nepali. The startup has got support from AIC, SMU in the month of September 2019. The work of extending the game for other languages including English is under progress.

The game is available on play store to access the same click on the link:

Our plan is to extend the product for major Indian languages to support the multilingual diversified Indian culture. Fun is the best way of learning. As there is no android game available in the Market which is based on the grammar of Various Indian languages, the company develops the android or iOS device games to learn a new Language and its grammar. Currently the first game Dazzle Word is launched and made available on play store. It is based on Part of Speech and supports 4 Languages Viz. Hindi, Gujarati, Nepali and English. Our aim is to develop the game for all Indian Major Languages. One more game is under development which is based on learn Hindi and its grammar from English.