Farmeasy Technologies

1. COMPANY NAME : Farmeasy Technologies (P) Ltd.

2. NAME OF THE FOUNDER & CEO : Alok Ekka & Gunajit Brahma

3. BRAND NAME :         FarmInfinity or farm

4. SLOGAN : Agrifintech solution for rural India

5. DOMAIN :  AgriFintech

About : Farm Infinity (farm) is a digital platform facilitating easy access to affordable financial services for smallholder farmers and agribusinesses worldwide. Our patented technology enables financial institutions to reduce their risk (NPAs) and helps them make better decisions to provide quality services to their rural customers. We have created India’s first Creditworthiness report for smallholder farmers.

Accomplishments: Finalist UN’s ITU SME (Digital World) 2020-21; Finalist, mBillionth Award 2020-21; Runner Up, National Innovation Challenge, KSUM and Hitachi India (2022-23); Finalist, DST Pragati, IIMCIP, 2022-23; Semi Finalist, SGDxFT

About Founder:

1. Alok Kumar Ekka – Co-founder, 10+ years of experience in Fintech sector for Financial Risk management. PGDM IIM Indore + B.Tech NIT Durgapur. LinkedIn:

2. Gunajit Brahma – Co-founder, 14+ years of total experience. 10 years as a social entrepreneur in Agribusiness. PGDM IIM Indore + M.Sc. Microbiology (Bangalore University). LinkedIn: