DNR Foods

1. COMPANY NAME : DNR Foods Private Limited

2. NAME OF THE FOUNDER & CEO : Mr.Boudhayan Dutta


4. SLOGAN : Enabling Local Commerce

5. DOMAIN : https://hipnhop.biz


HIPnHOP is working towards enabling the local business ecosystem & creating a social impact by helping the womenpreneurs & home-grown D2C businesses flourish using clean technology like electric two-wheelers & electric drones. 

We Empower Businesses & Provide Convenience By:
– Fulfilling customized tasks & deliveries within the city using EVS and electric drones.
– Providing a ‘local’ lifestyle e-commerce market-place to generate demand for the local home-grown D2C brands, especially womenpreneurs.

Our Vision and Mission: We exist to make a positive difference to the local ecosystem by enabling the growth of local brands & local commerce through enriching customer experiences accompanied by clean technology.


  1. Our unique positioning is solving both the pain points of ‘Local’ demand-creation & ‘On-demand’ delivery fulfilments for local businesses within a city.
  2. Completed 19,000+ tasks while serving 3,800+ unique customers.
  3. Released HIPnHOP.biz – Our ‘Local Online Lifestyle Marketplace’ website in May’23.
  4. Getting the HIPnHOP Delivery mobile application ready for launch within Q3’23.
  5. Got recognition of our idea from SMU-TBI, NRL Ideation, NEEDP, DTVL & NERES platforms.

About Founder:

Boudhayan Dutta: 

Co-founder & CEO, Ex-Honeywell & Ex-Schindler; Business Leader with 20+ years of experience in operations management, P&L handling, team handling, sales & business development.

Pallavi Roy Dutta: 

Co-founder & CMO, Ex-Ogilvy & Ex-Lintas, Branding & Marketing Leader  with 15+ years of experience in marketing & brand management.