1. Name of the company – Naubatashunya pvt ltd

2. Name of the founder/CEO – Ashutosh Arya

3. Team members – Jabrang Basumatary                             

– Pranjal Singh                             

– Ayushman Raj                             

– Swarnim Uday                             

– Robin Singh

4. Product – An online food media platform, aggregating the needs of healthy alternatives from the nearest kitchens available as an asset.

5. Domain – F&b6. Website –


It was Ashutosh’s 3rd year in academics, He always had an urge, to solve something as an general for the community, something meaningful, something like basic world’s need. But he never knew how & where to begin with, ‘I had to find the niche problem of the community’ – that’s the only rule he knew then & began with. This problem finding phase lasted for couple of years, had to scrap gazillions of ideas just to come up with – ‘Gym ka khana bechna hai’! This particular line became his foundation of entrepreneurship. He’s first gen amateur still & was then in 2017 too.            His ideation phase begins when he found out the pain point of some niche community, just of find out every one these days share the same pain at some point of time. He had to do something, had zero money and no team. Needed 60k in 36 hours to execute this vision of serving the value for money nutritional meals via Cloud kitchen-as-a-service-model. Ashutosh managed to arrange those and since then 4000 plus meals has been served to 1500 happy customers, maintaining lowest customer acquisition cost, negative gross burn rate and minimum customer churn rate, generating the revenue of Rs 8 lakhs without any branding and inorganic marketing.          From Cloud Kitchen as a service till Food Media Platform as a service, Cloudbelly is coming up with an digital solution to serve those who finds it tough to shop, chop, eat & clean or have uber ready lifestyle, from the nearest home kitchens/Cloud Kitchens with root level transparency for the sake of credibility and credentials. 

Cloudbelly’s Mission & Vision   

Vision –  To be the eco-system for the healthy meals alternatives.    

Mission –  To provide the best cost to nutritional value meals for uber ready generation, delivered from their favorite nearest kitchens. 

Cloudbelly’s future plan

India have 40,000+ colleges, 50 percent of those are remotely located consisting of 20 million+s student community suffering from the lack of time, budget and options available for their daily minimal nutritional goal. These students being our primary focus, Cloudbelly aims to target north east market in initial years, targeting 1000 kitchens on-boarded in traction phase serving 20,000 meals monthly, and 10,000 kitchens serving 3,00,000 meals monthly, in next 3 years. 

About founder

Ashutosh, Jabrang, Pranjal, Swarnim they all belonged to back benchers category. Pretty much average in academics, was the reason they all had to decide to escape into entrepreneurship, they had seen this vision and found their purpose, against all the odds around them, they began and did which everyone thought was impossible. It’s always been the cumulative effort to be where they are today, and these data shows these guys had really generated something from scratch and are good to go on with the mission.