Cas Collective

Name of the company : CAS Collective LLP

Name of the founders : Chimi Ongmu Bhutia

                                               Anup Zimba

                                               Sagar Subba

Team members : 3

Product : Bamboo Incense Sticks, Bamboo Furniture and Bamboo Charcoal

Domain : Agro-based, Energy       

About Company:

CAS Collective is a collaborative partnership created to garner local skills and talent to promote entrepreneurship and create a sustainable Industry. We are a team of MSEs engaged in Bamboo works under the National Bamboo Mission (NBM). Our work ranges from manufacture of raw bamboo incense sticks, bamboo furniture, bamboo charcoal and other value-added items. We primarily use home-grown bamboo from all over Sikkim pertaining to the NBM’s Objective. Our main goal is to promote the locally grown bamboo and the bamboo artisans and craftsmen.

Core Values:

  • Ethics – Maximum utilization of Bamboo – from raw materials for various products to making use of its waste parts
  • Responsibility – Bring in innovative lifestyle products
  • Commitment – Creating a sustainable industry that can provide employment to the local population

Future Plan: Produce and promote Organic Agarbatti with local ingredients

About Founders:

Chimi Ongmu Bhutia: Bamboo & Lifestyle Product Designer, Empaneled with Ministry of Textiles, GoI

Anup Zimba: Tea and Bamboo Entrepreneur, Bamboo Enthusiast

Sagar Subba: Bamboo Expert with a decade plus experience in the field