Agri J

Name of the company       : Agri-J    

Name of the founder/CEO : Guguloth Rajendhar

Team members                : Rajendhar,Shiva

Product                           : e-commerce for Agri food product

Story behind Agri-J:

I was born into a farming family and we have experienced a lot of hardship since my childhood. I have never seen my father take new clothes since I was a kid. Farmers harvest all the crops the people want and sell them to the middlemen at a low rate but they eat ration rice and chilli powder, seeing this I started Agri-j to do something for the betterment of farmers. 

Your vision and mission and core values:

Vision : improved farmers livelihood with better results and connecting consumer to real food without any harm

Mission : Delivering traditional homemade food products to everyone with improved technology sources

Core values :

1) Health and safety

2) Customer needs fulfilment

3) Continuous improvement

4) Transparency.

Future plan:

Improved 24/7 farm centre with technology in each village to reach farmer and consumer for continuous development of product as well as farming services and creating a maturing and simple e-commerce traditional Agri food market to bring back to its real farming roots.

About founders:

Guguloth Rajendhar,Guguloth Shiva are the founding team members of the sart-up.

Rajendhar – Agri field,crop management, team leader- 3year experience

Shiva- Web design, freelancer-2 year experience

The founding team members think like farmers and we all stood with them in uncertainty. We know the ground level problem of farmers and consumers,also we both encourage our strengths  and both founders vision and goals are same we are executing it in the best way right  now, our team leader skills and capabilities are the additional strengths of team