1. Name: – AATWRI Group Aerospace & Defence 
  2. Founder (Director / C.E.O.): – Mr. Ashis Kumar Behera,
  3. Co-founder: – Mr. Naba Durbadal Samal
  4. Team Members: – 12
  5. Products:  Technical Training, Technical Internship & Project Support, Aeronautical Design Solutions, Product Development & Testing 
  6. Domain: – Aerospace & Defence Tech, Aeronautical Training, Fabrication of part appliances by Additive Manufacturing
  7. Website: –  www.aatwriaerospace.com 


AATWRI Group Aerospace & Defence formulated and initiated by Mr. Ashis Kumar Behera back in 2018 as an early-stage startup for the education & student’s awareness towards Aerospace industry as the only Aerospace & Defence Company in eastern region of India. AATWRI’s business operation originated from Bhubaneswar the capital city of Odisha, INDIA with 8 talented minds from both technical & Management sector & recently incubated in Sikkim Manipal University TBI for scaling up in the entire eastern belt of India. The organization is aiming towards revolutionizing the propulsion industry by developing Electro-gravitation propulsion system for which the R&D team has already published few of their research & hence they are planning for prototyping the idea by the end of 2023. Now AATWRI is walking with 60+ team members across the country. AATWRI is also the only private organization in the country working actively towards the Electro-gravitational Propulsion (Antigravity) program.


The Mission of AATWRI is to reveal the science of unknown territory like solving some unfinished hidden truth of mysterious conspiracy theories behind the 3rd kind & unspeakable powerful technologies like Antigravity & ancient Science of Aeronautics, things may sounds quite fascinating or more like science fiction but AATWRI has been working on the same from last 5-6 years & produced couples of Research papers for development of engines which you may gonna see in 2022 as a prototype version of actual dream of Ashis sir & team.


Vision of such invention in the field of science & technology is to put INDIA at the highest rank on Global Innovation Index by any means for such vision to happen AATWRI has done many programs for intellectual development of students & scholars in ground level starting form 1 day seminar to workshop programs which has very unique in their nature of execution. The Vision of AATWRI is to invent commercial vehicle with Artificial Gravity powered engine for interstellar travel & also making INDIA as a global power in terms of innovation & space exploration.

Core Value:

The core value of the organization is the design structure of the Organization, it is so deliberately customized that it work as a very profound military organization for an example there are different division for the different execution of plan & programs like for Space related program there is a team known as Space Observation & Analysis (S.O.A.), for Robotics & Automation there is All Odisha Robotics Association (A.O.R.A.), for Aeronautical Development we have Aeronautical Research & Development Society (A.R.D.S.) then for Astrobiological research we have Micro-Bial Institute of Technical Research In Astrobiology (M.I.T.R.A.) & finally for nuclear research on sustainable source of energy we have Academy of Nuclear Science & Educational Research (A.N.S.E.R.). The most important part of the above structure is the entire system works as an intel association to maintain privacy even inside & out of the organization, It’s something like once an information comes in or being created then it wont walk out without proper authorization the credibility towards the secrecy is in it’s higher priority in AATWRI. AATWRI-GROUPAATWRI-Group Electro 5 AATWRI-GROUP

The future:

Along with the vision towards Antigravity propulsion system AATWRI has an extensive plan to renovate the Educational structure of the country for creating better minds rather than robots out of Engineering factories like so called educational institutions. In other hand for the Aerospace & Defence AATWRI Board is planning for establishment of Aerospace Research Facility in few locations & along with manufacturing of Technical SPY-crafts for the Intelligence Agency like ATS, NSD & RAW. We are dreaming of a completely technologically independent India which may become one of the most prominent power in global level. With such extensive dreams for the future AATWRI is planning to spread over many universities & top colleges of India so the young talents should fit into the puzzle of Making INDIA AtmaNirvar Bharat within next few years.

About the founder:

The above words are the droplets of what he is thinking in his mind for the future to happen for the country’s prosperity. Ashis sir has a multidimensional experience in Aerospace Industries starting from Business & management point of view to technical aspects of the industry in many prominent companies like TATA Aerospace. Ashis sir not even limited to the aerospace industry out of his passion but he has also worked in Biotech, Info Tech & also in Finance. So, A person who is multi-dimensional & packed with such talent is surly a best choice as a leader of such an organization. While coming to the leadership quality of Ashis sir it should be a surprise for you to experience because it’s extremely hard to predict about what will be his very next step & he just picking up talents & ability out of any common person who is just willing to work with him. A man with magical personality & calm in nature is best for any organization, and his optimistic behaviour & positive vibe will pull your eyeballs out when he walks into the room such a very highly motivating, encouraging & attractive person. It’s obvious for him to become a centre of attraction & pulling the limelight towards his vision