It was in my 3rd year of college the urge to do something meaningful for the community, in short to solve one of the world's basic problems took root in me. But I didn’t know how and where to begin. I had to find the niche problem of the community. 'Gym ka khana bechna hai' This particular line became the foundation of my entrepreneurship and within a couple of years, I had a team of like minded people who were enthusiastic to work with me on this idea.
This ideation phase began when we found out the pain centre of a community. Research soon led to the inference that most people share the pain of hunger due to lack of resources or community kitchen centres and we decided to do something with that data. With not enough funding to build a start up that could meet the need of nutritional meals, we came up with this vision of Cloud kitchen as a community service model.
Since then, 4000 meals have been served to over 1500 happy customers, our priority throughout has been to maintain the lowest customer acquisition cost, negative gross burn rate and minimum customer churn rate, and making it possible to generate a revenue of rs 8 lakhs without any branding and inorganic marketing.
From Cloud Kitchen to Food Media Platform, Cloudbelly is coming up with a digital solution to serve those who find it tough to shop, chop, eat & clean or have an uber ready lifestyle by providing them from the nearest Cloud Kitchens. We value grassroot level transparency for the sake of credibility and credentials.


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