Jum Bike Automotive


        Name of company  : Jum bike automotive services private limited

        Name of founder & CEO : Kishu kumar singh , Rahul Agarwal

        Team member : 3

        Product/Service : Electric scooter rental services

        Domain : E-Mobility, Application based bike rental




JUM Bikes is our brain child which was born as an idea to save the environment by reducing carbon emissions and also decrease financial pressure among the public, as people can now enjoy rides whenever they want, without actually owning a  vehicle. The idea was fueled by 4 electrical bikes running within our campus and this in turn received an amazing response.


Vision: Our vision is to provide an impressive eco-friendly ride that runs on solar energy and helps combat air pollution and an AI loT based micro-mobility system which will reduce transportation cost and transportation time.


Mission: Our priority is to reduce air and noise pollution and contribute our part in saving mother Earth, to reach every nook and corner of urban areas and provide the public a hassle free ride with lower rates and reduced waiting time.


Values: We believe in an organization which is not only employee centric but which also has decentralized power. To work on customer problems and provide them with quick and effective solutions. We wish to create a better environment for all of us to live in.


Future plan:

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