AIS Bilingual Vitae


        1. COMPANY NAME : AIS-BILINGUAL VITAE (OPC) Private Limited

        2. NAME OF THE FOUNDER & CEO : Dominic Savio Syangbo Tamang


        4. SLOGAN “From Creating Your Profile To Embracing the World Around Us”

        5. DOMAIN : EdTech



Looking at the newly emerging opportunities and the changing job market, the founder has come up with the idea of a technology-inspired specialised bridging platform to further reach out to connect and touch the lives of billions, by promoting language literacy and practicing foreign language training.

To language learning aspirants, the founder says: 

“Bilingual Vitae is all about 95% Teacher-Led + Peer-to-Peer learning and 5% Machine-to-Human learning"

Bilingual Vitae a one-stop specialised bridging platform, connecting people across cultures for foreign language learning, to helping them further their foreign language skills, culture, ethics, etc., for reaching their goals.


Our Vision and Mission:

We will be the most recognised organisation connecting people across cultures.

Connect people across cultures to create a measurable impact on foreign language learning aspirants.

Touch lives in a billion to enabling an equitable society.

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