Amazing Adventure

  1. Name of the Company : Amazing Adventure Private Limited
  2. Name of the Founder/CEO : Mr. Dhan Kumar Ghatani
  3. Team Members : 2
  4. Product : Online Travel and Tourism Portal
  5. Domain: Tourism
  6. Website:

About Company:
AMAZINGADVENTURE Private Limited is an adventure and travel start up founded by Mr. Dhan Kumar Ghatani and Mrs. Florence Lepcha in November 2019 to make adventures like trekking, expeditions and mountain biking accessible and convenient to the general public. AMAZINGADVENTURE provides all the tools and amenities required for the adventure undertaken so that the traveller enjoys the adventure and doesn’t spend a minute in worry.

AMAZINGADVENTURE Private Limited specializes in trekking and expeditions domain of adventure to make travel accessible to everyone in such a way that the adventure is not just fun but also safe, affordable and convenient. The packages provided includes accommodation in extreme areas with a first aid medical support by experienced guides. The adventure guides are also equipped with photography skills so that the traveller’s adventure is documented properly.

AMAZINGADVENTURE also provides tour packages to foreign countries and successfully organized a seven days tour to Thailand from 6th to 12th January 2020. There are many such tours planned for 2020 including a tri-country tour to Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand for 11 days.

The vision behind AMAZINGADVENTURE is hassle-free travel for all. We make sure that our plans are cost-effective and convenient. The travel packages are designed by industry expert travel guides so that we don’t miss out on a single detail on the amenities required for the journey. The people leading the travellers on the journey have a fair share of their experiences to the place before they sign-up as guides for AMAZINGADVENTURE packages.

About Founder:

Mr. D.K. Ghatani, Founder and Director of AMAZINGADVENTURE Private Limited has experience of thirteen years as a travel and adventure guide in Sikkim and beyond and with that experience he has a clear vision about the necessary steps to be taken to make treks, travel, and expeditions as convenient as it can ever be made.